Sunday, July 29, 2012

Wet Wading

This past week a friend of mine invited me out to go fishing. I picked a local creek that usually gets all it's pressure during the lake run of salmon, browns, and steelhead. I don't know if I've ever heard of anyone fishing it any other time. I did fish it a few times years and years ago with some success. We met up at my house and headed out.

Truth is, I rarely wade....wet or dry. My waders don't really fit and most of my fishing is from the shore at local ponds, or recently out of my kayak. So with a pair of shorts and my sons aqua socks I stepped into the creek and was glad it wasn't ice cold. In fact, it was quite warm.

We fished for a few hours and caught likely 30-50 fish each. The largest was a 12 inch largemouth. Others included smallmouth, rock bass, bluegill, shiners, and chubs. Will saw either a pike or gar, but couldn't get it to take.

It was great to get out and in the water....I hope to have only a few days/weeks go before I do it again, no need to wait 10 years again. In fact....another friend invited me out for some late night fishing.....and that might happen this week.