Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sneaking Out At Bedtime

After hearing that I took my 13 year old son out to fish Saturday night, my 4 year old said to my wife "I never get to go alone in dad's car."  In the same conversation he told her he wanted to go fishing. He's one of my best fishing buddies and loves to go.

So, last night after the kids where in bed (yes, most of my kids go to bed on school nights at 7:30pm) I told Tyler to go down stairs and see his mom....where she was going to tell him to get his shoes on. The Facebomb post my wife wrote said "Mike and Tyler are off to go fishing and Tyler is just about jumping out of his skin with excitement!"

This kid knows his stuff (or was given insight from his mom), because when I came back downstairs he said "Daddy and I are going fishing at Bronze Leaf."  I told him my reconnaissance from Saturday showed that wasn't a good bet, so we'd set sail for Twin Rock. Then, after that he was all talk about Twin Rock this and Twin Rock that!

We had an hour, and we pulled it off. Leaving at 8:05pm we hit the pond and quickly I caught a bass. About 20 minutes later he cast his bobber and crayfish (same that his brother used Saturday) and while I had my back turned he said something about having a tug (a word I rarely use in fishing, but again....this kid knows his stuff.) I turn around to find him fighting a fish! He casted and caught this fish all by himself! After I removed the hook he put two tiny hands around it and threw it back! Fly fish fly!

Bass Attack!
 After the sun set we headed home, but stopped for a treat. He picked out a baseball bat that had gum inside.

Baseball bat with gum inside.
When we got home, I'm pretty sure the first thing he told his mom about was the baseball bat with gum....second thing was the fish!


Jay Zimmerman said...

Awsome! That is too cool...

jfogle said...

This made me smile - I have memories like this with my now 12 year old. It was sure a lot of fun when all of this was so magical and special to him. But it's a lot easier and still fun now that he can "self manage" when we fish and I don't have to fix his tackle all the time. Cherish these memories cause these kinds of opportunities are far too few!