Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Vote for monoMASTER

Right now, Walmart is running a contest to get new products on their shelves. One of the companies that is in the contest is GFP long time supporter, the monoMASTER.

Do you use a monoMASTER? Then you might be thinking this has no benefit to you, but consider what Ian at Grasshopper Outdoors has said..."Walmart sells thousands of miles of monofilament each year.  In my experience much of the waste mono I find in the bushes and on the bank..."

Help support one of the events longest supporters by giving up some votes. Yes, votes, with an "s". See, it appears that "each person can vote for all three products in single day and then they can vote again every 24 hours." Keep in mind Grasshopper Outdoors has three products in the running, and you can vote for ALL 3 each day. Rumor has it you can even vote 3 times with texting and 3 times with Facebook....that's 6 votes per day...if the rumor is true.

So, although I hope you support our sponsors (who without, our event wouldn't be as much fun and successful) all year long, here is a great chance to help them achieve some larger success, which could only mean more awesome products could come out of Grasshopper Outdoors! Win, freaking win situation here!

Here are direct links to each items page for voting.




Thanks for helping out our sponsors!

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