Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Sunday Hike and Exploration Trip

Having a delayed start to church this morning, we loaded up the kids and went on a hike. Being a former Boy Scout (who made it to Life, not Eagle) I only worried about the temperature (mid 30's) and the wind (almost nothing) and failed to check the threat of rain (threatening). So, as you can imagine, we got hit with rain about 1/2 mile from the car. Not a big deal, but we got wet and didn't make it the whole way down the trail. It was still good to get out and away from the TV for a bit.

All the ducks in a row

After a quick snack at the van we buckled up and started to just drive. We live close to Lake Ontario and some ponds that are just across the street from the lake. Those ponds have been there my whole life, and I've fished them a bunch, but since my recent adventures last year in a kayak, I'm more interested in the ponds. I see water that once was out of reach from the shore and now see water that my kayak can get me to, and hopefully fish that haven't seen a fly...ever.

I launched my kayak from here twice last year

On the drive we just scouted around and took a few pictures. I did find a nice easy, close, place to launch my kayak into Braddock Bay. Having never had a boat before I never knew it was there, and what I was missing. This summer I hope to get into a few of these places and see what I can catch. Of course, this will only fuel my "need" for a different kayak....the Diablo Adios is what I dream of someday.

Definitely heading here with the kayak this year

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