Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Durand Lake

This morning as birds started to sing and my kids got their last few hours of sleep before another day of school, I loaded up my kayak and headed out to fish Durand Lake. For the second day in a row I was able to steal a few hours away and get out to fish from my kayak. Yesterday was a trip to a section of Buck Pond that is secluded from the main part of the pond, cut off by cat tails. Today, it was a trip to a new place for my kayak. Although I've fished here from shore....which there isn't much access from shore, this would be my first time in the water.

I pulled in about 6:30am and got the kayak and my gear ready. Slipping my sandals off I clumsily made my way into a kayak that clearly is better suited for a guy weighing 80 pounds less than I. But, this is the kayak I have and so this is the kayak I use.

If you haven't seen or been into Durand Lake it's a nice place to fish. With a shoreline completely covered in trees and a narrow body of water, the sun was easily blocked by trees, which could be useful during hotter months. These close trees obviously also bring great fish hide outs when the trees fall. There was all kind of shoreline character to explore and fish.

For my birthday last month my wife got me a Bending Branches Angler Slice kayak paddle. It's got a little cut out for helping aid in hook removal. It has been used both days I've used the paddle and at least 2 or 3 times just today! I love the paddle.

As far as fish are guy I talked to said he saw a guy carry out a huge bass (not today), and I caught 2 small largemouth bass and about 5 crappie. I can imagine on the right day the place would be awesome. I plan to go back for Paul, Matt, and anyone else with a kayak get yourselves ready for an invite one of these days.

A crappie way to start the day
One of two largemouth for the morning
I had a nice surprise visit from my wife and son as I was finishing up. They wanted to see me out in the wife after all is the one who bought it for me years ago. My son tried to convince mom to push the kayak into the water after he climbed in. He's only 2 years old and not quite safe enough to go alone in a kayak. 

The reason I think the photos are blurry: I bought a phone case at LL Bean a few months ago. It's been great for keeping water off the phone while out, but I think the plastic window for the camera blurs the images. If I could get the plastic to stick to the lens first, maybe it would work better. So, I'm starting to realize that the case will let me mostly take my phone, and not necessarily take pictures like I had hope. That however doesn't meant I wont, and then share those terrible pictures with you. You've been warned.

I added a section of pool noodle to the case to help keep it afloat should it go in the far it hasn't.

Phone case and float

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