Friday, September 21, 2012

Last Kayak Float of 2012...Maybe

My plans from Monday took a few days to come together, but today I got out in my kayak....the first time in a few months.

I had researched a new place online and planned my attack. I'd sneak in at a public access point and float downstream about 1/4 mile and take a sharp turn right....right into a small pond that is rumored to be man made. I figured that since it's right off the creek it would have potential to have pretty much anything in it.

But Google unfortunately doesn't use up to the minute images. I got there and the water was very low.

The put in, water 40 feet away
As you can (sort of) see in the photo, the water is way off in the distance.It should be just past that blue whatever it is there.

Someone was more adventurous than me
I found tracks through the mud, and drag marks, showing someone else was more determined than I was going to be. Looking at it now....those might be only tracks OUT, and not back IN....good luck whoever is out there, your car was not waiting in the parking lot for you.

I drove to the mouth of the creek and found the lake level low too, and too much mud to fight through to get out into the creek from there.

Stop #3 took me back to my favorite place, Buck Pond. It's in complete weed anarchy. I pushed off was able to find a few fish to play around with. I scared something real big at one point. I imagine there are plenty of carp and bass still in there, but with the weeds it would be pretty hard to fish for them.

Bluegill belly
 I ended up catching about 4 or 5 bluegill.

Foam fly holder
My new foam fly holder worked great.

When I got out I found my butt wetter than expected, and then I was cold. I think today might be the last float for 2012. If I end up lifting it up to it's winter spot in the garage, it's likely it will be there until 2013....but, we'll see if I get that motivated before I get it out again.

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