Thursday, June 6, 2013

Trout Power 2013 - This Weekend

If you live in or near NY you should look into spending this weekend at Trout Power!
Trout Power 2013

Trout Power is a creel study tournament at it's roots, but has grown to add a ton of community events all through the weekend. There is a gala and silent auction, a rubber ducky race, a few concerts, a 5K race, and more. 

Last I heard the sign up for the tournament may have ended, but if you're interested it would be worth looking into. Also yesterday I heard of 3 sponsorships available from The Fly Master, so if you have a kid you want to team up with, check with him or JP Ross Fly Rods to see if those are available still. It would make a great weekend with your child.

The West Canada Creek from what I hear is one of the areas finest streams and I hope to someday have a chance to fish it!

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