Monday, July 18, 2011

The fishing sucked, but the weekend was great!

First, let's get all the details about the fishing out of the way....because I'd hate for you to suffer just to be disappointed at the end. The fishing sucked! I caught one bass which was only about 8 inches. Besides that, 3 days of fishing when I could squeeze in a few minutes yielded nothing much to speak about. However, it was the weekend of the Rock family reunion.

Every year my wife's family has a reunion picnic and camp out at her uncles house which is out in the country just south of Letchworth state park. My mother in law is one of 13 kids, so the family is pretty large and the weekend finds us tucked closely together in tents and campers. Family comes from all over NY and as far away as Florida.

Her uncle is a kind, crazy, and generous man. He's so welcoming to everyone that comes and this year he made a ton of grilled chicken that was absolutely delicious!

Every year the bonfire is fueled by wood pallets. here's my oldest son trying to deflect the heat with another pallet so he could get close enough to roast a marshmallow.

My wonderful wife had to work Saturday morning at 4am. Being new at her job she didn't really have any vacation time to take, and with little work recently she took a chance at staying on the schedule for the morning, but hoped she'd wake up to no work available...that didn't happen. She ended up with just over 6 hours of 4am....from a camp ground. She was able to connect to her work with her cell phone and laptop and after sitting inside the van for a few hours, she upgraded to an outdoor office for the last few hours.

The highlight for the younger kids was being able to FINALLY do their lemonade stand. They've been dying to run one, and I had the thought to put it up at the reunion because they'd have more foot traffic than if they did it at our house. It turned out great and they will be counting the money and paying back investors (mom and dad) and likely have a great profit!

Collecting cold spring water for lemonade


 A few other highlights were frog hunting and listening to the bands.

The tiniest frog of the day...look closer

 Sure, I had hoped for more from the fishing, but with the pond getting hit by fishermen, swimmers, and dogs, it was tough to get the fish to come out and play. Even with poor fishing, I'm already dreaming of going back soon! Might take a day trip down sometime soon, or a single night camping trip.

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