Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My First Kayak Fishing Trip

Last night I met up with Matt from FISHINGPOET and we went out in kayaks to catch some bass.

We met up at his secret location (his house) and loaded up the gear and headed over to his friends house to steal a second kayak. I was hooked up with a nice kayak and a PFD in case I decided to take a swim. See, although I have owned a kayak for a few years, I've never gotten it wet...except to wash out bugs. Without a simple way to haul it Matt was kind enough to pick one up for me to use.

Initially the plan was to put in about 6pm, but after a tour of his compound, a trip to pick up the kayak, and the drive down Canandaigua lake, we probably put in closer to 7pm.

I eagerly admitted to Matt that I was a bit hesitant since I had never been kayaking....but as you know, that doesn't stop you from going fishing. Matt on the other hand kept secret his fear that I'd spin in circles and he'd end up being "kayaking teacher" instead of "fishing guide." I'm glad to report that after I got seated I paddle out and kept a moderately straight zig zag path to the creek. Matt said sail boats call it "tacking" I went with that since it made me sound experienced!

Have you noticed I haven't posted any pictures? Yeah, I didn't trust myself to take my camera/phone with me. I figured losing fishing gear to a flip is one thing, losing a phone is just unnecessary.

We made it into the creek and started hitting the weedline for bass. It didn't take more than about 10 minutes and Matt was into a nice bass. Soon after he caught a second. Of course, at this time I think he was likely dying for me to catch a fish....because as we all know, you don't like taking someone to your water only to have them skunked. Probably 40 minutes in to the actually fishing, I finally caught a nice 12 inch bass. Matt quickly paddle over with his new underwater video camera to get some footage. Soon after I caught another bass, a nice 14 inch.

Matt finished off the night by pissing off a beaver, who was willing to slap it's tail a few times for us, and catching a third bass.

Bugs, darkness, and no more hits had us heading back to shore.

Zig. Zag.

Loaded up the gear and noticed my clamps were missing. I searched the kayak, searched my bag, and didn't find them. Then, with my phone in hand, I turned on the flashlight app and walked to the water.......and there's my clamps, in 4 inches of water.......and here's your picture!


Check out Matt's report from fishing this same water a few weeks ago. I'll be back to watch the video a few more times to help relive my experience last night!

Now, time to get my kayak hooked up to my car so I can take it out more (than never)!

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