Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A New Fly Tying Desk

For a few years I've had an old sewing machine desk that I've been tying at. Well, I decided it was time for a change.

The old desk
It's hard to see in the crappy photo above, but the old desk was made for small American seamstresses....and I outgrew that category long ago. The leg room under the desk left a lot to be desired. I loved how it folded up, and I converted it to hold materials on a board that secured to the back and kept materials out of tiny grabby hands....which seem to be very prevalent in my house.

The new desk, while the same size as the old one when the old one was opened, is 20 inches deep and 5 feet wide! It's got a lot of room. It's mounted to the wall with 10 anchors that I'm told can hold 250lbs each (that's a combined total of 2500lbs of support).....now that's some comforting support when cranking down on glow bugs or deer hair!

Ché working his magic
Of course, the desk came at a great price......FREE!  Well, not completely since I hooked my friend up with a few drinks. Got to keep the free labor well hydrated.

Before it gets all messed up
It's supported by tracks on the wall, so it can be raised or lowered if I ever need it to be. It's currently a few inches taller than a standard table, and that seems to be comfortable so far.

Got the molding cut and put back

Added some more tying stuff

I have not yet tied on the desk, but I've used it for a few other simple projects.....like testing out my new tying desk accent lights! I reclaimed the inside of a light saber when it was destroyed, and I'll have the coolest tricked out desk in town....or at least in the house!

DISCLAIMER: I had this new desk put in while my wife was out of town. She knew a new desk was coming, but I have yet to know her true feelings on this awesome setup! Will it be too large? Will it be too permanent? Will it be too awesome? She gets home any minute now so I guess I'll soon find out!


GFP said...

My wife just saw it and said "your desk looks great!"

Even though it would support me, I didn't want to have to sleep on it if she didn't approve!

Dustin's Fly Box said...

looks like you are all setup! Great job and glad you wont have to use it for a bed

Lynette said...

That desk looks awesome!!

The Nothing said...

It took me awhile to dig this post up! I remember seeing the desk evolve on G+.

Wife and I just bought a house and my office needs a setup like this. How wide is the desk?

GFP said...

The Nothing - Sorry it took me 2 months to see your post didn't auto-publish. Congrats on the house. The new desk is 5 feet long, but a shallow desk, maybe 20 inches deep. It's perfect since it's kinda in the pathway for walking through the room.