Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tie Like A Girl t-shirt

Sure, it's called Guys, Flies & Pies, but the truth is we have women that attend the event, women that are great friends and even better fishermen (than other guys....NOT me...seriously, I'd never admit to that, so don't expect it.)

Now there's a shirt designed for all the girls. For $20 you can own your very own Tie Like A Girl t-shirt. The Seriously Shop not only will ship this anywhere in the USA for free, but Guys, Flies & Pies will let you into the event next month for the prepaid price ($10) if you are wearing one...even if you pay at the door (otherwise $12 the day of the event.)

Tie Like A Girl t-shirt
 To order yours go to The Seriously Shop on Etsy or click the Paypal link below.


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*Elizabeth* said...

GFP - Girls furls and pearls...I am telling ya, we were part of awesomeness!