Sunday, February 5, 2012

13 Day Notice, and Angler's Workshop Report

Consider this your 13 day notice about the big Guys, Flies & Pies fly tying party coming up in less than two weeks, on Saturday February 18th 2012. It will be yet another great year!

Yesterday I attended Angler's Workshop as a sponsor. Craig from Fly Fishing Chronicles puts together this event ever other year, and even though it was only the second year, he did a great job once again. It's event devoted to all aspects of fly fishing. There is a full schedule of seminars which included such topics as fly tying, knots, destination fishing, and women in the sport. There were plenty of raffles to get in on, which had some really great prizes donated by many of the sponsors that were on hand, and some that weren't able to attend. At the end of the day I got a chance to run a casting competition...that was a first for me. Even though the doors only officially opened at 8:45am for the public to come in, I was having a great time by 8:56am.

As a sponsor I got some table space and was able to show off some poppers I'm working on, sell a few, and tell a lot of people about the Guys, Flies & Pies party coming up in 2 weeks. I really enjoy this kind of stuff...tying flies, talking fishing, and meeting great people.

Tying a popper
Craig was very kind and hand some pretty sweet "thank you cards" made up for the sponsors. This bad boy is going up in my fly tying room so I can enjoy it and have it as a reminder to the wonderful time I had yesterday at Angler's Workshop.

Some weird guy with a sweet plaque
It was also great to run into lots of old friends and a few of the GFP sponsors. JP from JP Ross Fly Rods was there and had a great new fly rod holder for his table (I should have gotten a picture). Carl from Mad River Dubbing Company was also there with 12 feet of fly tying materials. Both JP and Carl gave me their donations to the event coming up. JP donated a very sweet 5 weight fly rod and reel that someone is just going to love to fish with this spring. Carl again generously donated lots of fly tying materials which many of you will get to go home with.

Keep in mind, it's because of our sponsors that our event is able to be so awesome, so when you're looking to buy, have a look at them and let them know that GFP sent you.

I'm looking forward to Angler's Workshop 2014...2 years will go by fast, but maybe not fast enough.

See you all in 13 days for Guys, Flies & Pies!

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