Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Story of Uncle Bob's Cabin

Brett Colvin and Jay Morrisson ditched their families and went fishing, and while none of us got an invite from across the country, they were kind enough to take pictures that will make us all jealous! These guys are seriously some of the best fly fishing photographers out there.

Here's the story of Uncle Bob's Cabin as told by Brett Colvin on his Fly To Water blog: LINK

Photo: Brett Colvin

Here's the story of the Gold At The End Of The Rainbow on Jay's blog: LINK

Photo: Jason Morrisson
If I ever get back out to Utah, I'm taking Jay up on the offer to go fishing! Sure, he might forget about the very general invite, and think I wouldn't rememeber....but someday when I get rich from tying flies I'll finally make it back out to that gorgeous country and fish with these guys!

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