Saturday, October 16, 2010

Crease Fly Took A Swim

I had a few minutes today so I took one of my crease flies for a swim. Went to one of my favorite local ponds that is only about .25 acres or less, and often gets weeded over in mid summer. With todays wind and cooler temps it wasn't weedy on top at all.

I rigged up my line with about 5 feet of sink tip and put the crease fly on. This worked well since the line would sink, then when I stripped in the fly it would dive down, but still float up to the surface if given enough time. I could see how this fly and this line setup could be very effective during the summer. I've always thought that fish are more willing to bite if they don't have to come up to the surface. I do however love fishing the surface, so I do that plenty, but this setup gives me an option to go under and still have a chance to not hook into anything since the fly is trying to float.

In the end I didn't catch anything, but had a few hits out of the spot above. Still good to toss a fly even if only for a short time.

Before this stop, I took my daughter to a tiny local trib to look for salmon and fat browns. There aren't any in there yet, but in the next few weeks that will likely change!

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