Sunday, September 26, 2010

Crease Flies

I've never tied or used a crease fly, but have always been interested in giving some a try. I have 1 that I got in a swap years ago, but never wanted to lose it, so it's never been fished.

Tonight, I got the chance to tie some up. They turned out pretty good and I'm definitely going to give them a shot on the water...hopefully this week.

I think covering them in epoxy as most people seem to do is a good idea. I tried to super glue the eyes on and that worked ok, so far, but didn't look as nice as I think a coat of epoxy will look.


Ant said...

Those are some good looking flies! I've never seen any like that, but I think I might have to try my hand at them. They look like they would be good for panfish and bass.

GFP said...

Thanks Ant. Do a search for crease fly and you'll find all sorts of them. I think my next try at them I'll try to make them a bit fancier, add some colors with markers.