Monday, September 20, 2010

A few bass and panfish

Over the weekend I had about 30 minutes to fish a local pond. It was one of those deals where my wife and kids would wait in the car, then sneak off to the park and bathroom.

I saw one kid and his dad tossing a Mr Twister on a spinning rod and before I started Dad asked me if there were any fish in the pond. I always am surprised when people think ponds DON'T have fish.  So, on my first cast, I pulled in a bluegill and proved I was right!

A few minutes later I had a few bass and a few more bluegill and red ears! 

I then put on a rather large foam popper and started stripping it quickly. About 8 casts of that and this decent 12 incher came up and took the fly. He got to keep it as a souvenir....even with the barb mashed down I couldn't get it out!

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