Saturday, September 25, 2010

Genetically Engineered Salmon - What's the big deal?

Sure, I'm not a scientist, doctor, or even a TV doctor, so I really have no idea whether or not genetically engineered fish are really bad for people to eat or not....but here's my initial reaction:

As you've likely read recently the FDA gets to decide if they should allow GE Salmon to be sold as food.  Check out that photo above. It shows on the bottom a regular salmon and a GE salmon on the top, both are the same age.....but one is clearly larger.

Now, let's look at my waders! When I bought them, they fit, years and years later, they don't fit so well. It seams as if I may have grown a few sizes.

So I think it's only fair that the fish are now able to catch up and make the fight more evenly matched again!

..... but I'd probably still catch and release!

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gigabiting said...

This is a really big decision. It will set a precedent for all future GE animals, and has implications that will ripple through the entire future of the U.S. food supply.
This is not the time for a rubber stamp approval.
There are a couple of things bugging me about this approval process.
Read: An Open Letter to the FDA