Monday, March 14, 2011

Copic ABS

This past weekend I found a local source for a Copic Airbrush. Rochester Art Supply had them in stock and ready for me to check out. Although it was a few dollars more than online, the lack of having to pay shipping, and waiting, was worth it.

Maybe you've heard of them, or maybe this is something new to you. Basically, it's an airbrush that uses markers as an ink source, instead of....well, whatever other airbrushes use. You can see I don't have much experience with airbrushes. However, having researched this product I was impressed that by using the markers you can switch between colors in seconds without any issue.

One of the 3 setups you can get

They have a few different types of sets you can buy to get ready to use the system. I bought the Airbrush Starting Set ABS-2. This comes with the grip and a D60 can. Other setups come a grip and a can that allows you to connect your own hose to your own air compressor, and the third setup comes with a can of air, a hose, and the connector can for use with your air compressor.

I decided to go cheap and see what I thought before buying a more expensive option. If you are interested in getting one of these, keep in mind that the setup I got I believe ONLY allows you to use the D60 can of air, not the larger cans of air. I'm ok with that for now, since I haven't even put it to use yet.

I have an order of popper heads coming from J. Stockard that I hope to paint up before the Fly Tying Symposium this Saturday. If you are at the show, stop by and check out the Copic airbrush, and any heads I've painted with it.

Check out this video on how this airbrush is used.

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