Friday, March 25, 2011

A Day in the Buff

Get your mind out of the gutter!

Last week on my way home from the CNY Fly Tying Symposium my wife and I stopped at the Bass Pro in Auburn NY. It was my first time in the shop, and I did pretty well getting out without paying too much.

We checked out most of the store and even the fish tank....full of fat fish with all kinds of physical deformities.

The fly shop part of the store was nice and I almost got out without buying anything. The only thing we bought at the shop was a Buff. It's one of those fancy fabric things you see often on people fishing the saltwater flats just before they rob a bank.

Wooly BUFFer

Having worn mine only a few times, I have to say I like it. I often wear a hoodie under my jacket since my jacket doesn't have a hood. The hoodie helps keep my neck and ears warm on the walk in to work from the car. The last few days I've left the hoodie at home and worn the buff. Even worn just around my neck it helped to keep my neck warm enough not to cry about leaving my hoodie at home. I've even pulled it up around my lower face and ears and looked ready to rob the gas station after pumping my gas.

The real (reel) test will be to see how freaking hot it gets when I wear it in the summer time for sun protection.

It cost about $23 at Bass Pro.

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Trout Magee said...

Just found your blog today. That buff seems like it would be nice for the freezing temps over here in Wisconsin.
I dig the blog and will be following. Look forward to seeing more pics.

Tight Lines.

Peace out. Trout Magee