Monday, March 21, 2011

Review of the CNY Fly Tying Symposium

This past weekend my wife and I took a 2 hour drive to Utica NY for the central New York Fly Tying Symposium. We left on Friday night and spent the night at the Hotel Utica. The next day was the fly tying symposium and it was a blast. We met a lot of great people and saw some great flies. Below are a few of the images I took that random order.

A sweet display, featuring a fly from each tier

Prepped some poppers at home for the show.

The casting competition trophy

My mess

I packed my stuff into a Mary Kay bag...nice organization in these bags

I was glad to eat some pies while there!

The poster, with my sons picture

Crystal at the Crystal Ballroom

Snuck in the night before for a sneak peek of the room.

JP Ross table of goods

Sneak peek of raffle table and seminar room

The seminar room

From the entrance

The cutest girl at the party painting my popper heads

Indoor casting competition

Fishing stillwater seminar

The Guys, Flies & Pies table

Luke & Jonathan tying

Luke tying, and displaying The Drake with his cover photo

Jonathan at his table

1 of 3 times she caught the lamp. I missed it every cast

A cool fly tying box

Indoor casting competition

Fish graffiti benches

Another fish graffiti  bench

The symposium was a great time and a great excuse to get away with out the kids for a night! Looking forward to next year already!


Kev2380 said...

I'd really like to his this one year. It looks like a great time. What is FFAA?

GFP said...

It stands for the Fly Fishers Anglers Association. A group that is "dedicated to perpetuating and enhancing the fishing opportunities in and around the Mohawk Valley, as well as teaching and encouraging the joys of fly fishing and fly tying for both young and old. The FFAA is committed to the conservation of our local natural resources for the enjoyment of all current and future generations."

The event was definitely fun to tie at and I can't wait to do it again next year!