Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Short Float

This past Tuesday night, my wife and I made a deal, a deal in which she promised I could kayak EVERY day for the next week and a half. Well, I took the deal, not necessarily because of that, but because I knew I had to. But, I wasn't going to let a chance to go fishing from my "yellow banana" pass by. So yesterday after work I quickly loaded up the kayak and headed out for 2 hours. I got to fish for about an hour and a half. A short trip, because like most every other night in the next week and a half, there was something already on the calendar. So, there's a chance a week and a half of kayaking "every day" will turn into 2, maybe 3, trips. I'll take what I can get.

I started off by exploring a very tiny opening in the weeds which was barley 5 feet across in some parts. I got pretty close to a great blue heron and he flew away. I determined with limited time, and the slow speed I had to use to navigate in such a tight area, I'd turn back to the main part of the pond.

The wind was pretty strong and consistent so I kept close to the reeds to keep from getting swept away from the water I was fishing. In the end, I missed all the strikes and caught nothing. It was still nice to get out in the wind and learn that I could be successful in the kayak.

Ready to go
I got home from fishing and found a package waiting. Getting fishing related mail is great!

It was my 24 yard roll of webbing/strapping.

While out at the store I picked up a few more supplies.

I'm going to use this stuff to have my wife sew me up a "soft rack" for the kayak and some trunk loops. Here are pictures of what I've found online, what I'm trying to make myself. I think we'll be successful in making it work, and it will make strapping the kayak to the car easier and quicker.

If you don't tell anyone, I'll let you in on a secret.....I wish I knew how to sew. Last night I wanted to get the stuff made, but my wife had more important things to do. Hopefully in the next week we'll be able to get at least the trunk loops made, since I'm still trying to find a place that has pool noodles (for the soft rack) still in stock this late in the summer.

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