Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Successful Fishnic

Last night we loaded up the kids and met our friends and their kids at a local park for a fishnic (fishing + picnic). We enjoy some subs and sandwiches for dinner and then off to the park for some swinging and playing for the kids. After a quick bathroom break we headed down to the pond. This is one of those ponds where many skeptical (likely non-fishing) people have asked "there are fish in there?"  Well there are fish in there....um...I mean there are NOT any fish in there...regardless of what I show you in the pictures to come.

The walk in photo shoot. "Take my picture."
One of a few small bass

Brian's first of the night
Tyler brings one in

Brooke fighting a bass

Even at only 4.5 years old, this kid can pop a popper like a pro

Say cheese...covered poppers!

Brian lassoed this post, can't leave a picture like this out!
It was a great night fishing with our friends and bringing in some fish for the kids to enjoy!

Brian has a few photos on Flikr....click here!


bfly said...

Mike - Good times...good times! It looks as though we may have to do this again. And perhaps an adjustment or two in my casting...ha!

GFP said...

Yes, we have to do this again!

Considering the high bank with tall weeds, we did quite well since I don't think we lost any flies.

...and don't adjust your cast, we need good pictures to bust your chops with!