Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Few Demos At The Event

Guys, Flies & Pies is just a relaxed fly tying party meant to provide a time for you to tie flies, while being well fed on pizza, and having the chance to walk away with some sweet gear. However, we are trying to add a few things here and there without losing focus of the relaxed party. This year we have added a few demos. We will have 3 local tiers doing short 1 hour demos. This will give everyone a chance to see some local patterns being tied by some local tiers.

Here's the line up, with a general time frame.

3:30pm - Ché Nolan will tie crayfish flies.
4:30pm - Brian Bradfield (flies to be announced)
6pm - Lucas Carroll will tie midges and/or dries (Update: Might tie some 6 inch streamers instead)

So if you are looking for a break from tying, stop by the demo table and check out their techniques and patterns.

See you all in a week and a half!

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