Monday, February 28, 2011

Please Remind Me To Fish Here

Check out this pond.....or puddle.  It's about the size of 2.5 backyard swimming pools. It's a small pond, possibly one of the smallest ones I've fished (expecting to find fish).

I can easily cast from one side to the other, but shoreline to stand and cast from is very limited. There is a raised platform, likely for bird watching, but it's really to high to use as a place to cast. So, I'm limited to on small section. I have fished it, once, for a minute or two, but it was later in the year than this picture and it was weeded over pretty good.

So, I'm just going to ask that someone remind me about this little jewel in about a month or two, before the weeds take over again, because I do suspect that there is a fat bass in there that's just dying to attack one of my flies!

Oh, and while you're in a friendly "Remind Mike to fish" mood, tell me about the even more secluded pond just south of this one!

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