Friday, February 4, 2011

Your Next 2 Weeks

Here at the GFP headquarters, we know that life isn't all about fishing (at least that's what we have to say so we don't get into too much trouble). With that knowledge, we know that many of us have other obligations outside of tying flies and chasing fish. One of those responsibilities is coming up in the next two weeks, and comes uncomfortably close the the big Guys, Flies & Pies fly tying night. But, don't fear, we've run the numbers and determined that you have plenty of opportunities to impress your better half and still secure your availability to come to tie, eat, and win on the 19th. So, don't miss out on GFP just because you forgot about Valentine's Day. You've been warned.

So, here it is in nice visual format. The boldest heart represents the actual Valentine's Day, and the lighter ones represent all the days before GFP that you can take her out to Taco Bell for a romantic Valentine's dinner. Hey, it's all about the romance.....or, it's all about faking the romance so she doesn't mind that you ditch her for GFP later in the week (better yet, bring her with you to the party!)

You've Got 2 Weeks, Make It Happen! See You On The 19th!

So, go get all your chores done, pick up your dirty underwear off the floor, paint that wall that's been on your list for the last 6 months, and take your wife out to a nice dinner at Taco Bell....then remind her of all that stuff you did so you can make it to the tying party!

See you then!

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