Friday, June 17, 2011

And The Winner Is......PIZZA ! ! !

Oxfam International did a survey a few months ago to find out the favorite foods of people around the world.

And guess the USA the winner is PIZZA!!! 

Proud to be an American!
.....and that's a huge win....almost twice the votes of the next highest....steak.

So, from the staff at Guys, Flies & PIES.....I think this calls for some celebration! (I think the french bread microwave pizza in the freezer will have to do for now.)

If you are not from the USA and are considering starting up your countries best fly tying party that includes food, you may want to consider these names for your group, instead of Guys, Flies & Pies.

Netherlands - Guys, Flies & Pasta
Russia - Guys, Flies & Meat
Guatemala - Guys, Flies & Chicken
Spain - Guys, Flies & Paella
UK - Guys, Flies & Steak
Australia - Guys, Flies & Chocolate
Brazil - Guys, Flies & Lasagna
Ghana - Guys, Flies & Fufu
Kenya - Guys, Flies & Ugali
Pakistan Guys, Flies & Vegetables
Tanzania - Guys, Flies, Bananas & Meat

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