Monday, June 20, 2011

My Attempt To Feather A Head

Maybe you've heard of Feather Heads. Maybe you have not. Well, I have, and as a fly tier I couldn't sit by and let this fad go crazy......without trying to put a feather in my daughters hair.

Starting off I thought I'd probably be able to do it, after all, I had watched a news report on the subject on the internet. See, I'm well qualified.

I started off with some feathers, beads, dental threader, wire, and wire cutters.....oh, and a very cooperative daughter. In the end, I had broken wire, broken beads, and a broken dental threader.....and failure.

I determined that the fly tying beads were not the right bead for the project. The beads big enough to pass some hair through, were too strong for me to crimp. The smaller beads I could crimp, but I couldn't get enough hair into them.

So, it's either back to the drawing board.....or back to the fly tying desk!


Jay Zimmerman said...

GFP said...

Lol. Thanks for the link. I'm not sure I'm that interested. I was hoping a fly tying bead would be sufficient....but it wasn't. Maybe if I'm ever near a hair shop I'll stop in and ask about them....but I don't think I'm going out of my way.