Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Doubling Up The Gear

As some of you know, my awesome wife got me a new (to me) car for Christmas! But, with this new car comes the thought that I need to double up on some of my gear.  Based on the stats I see on the GFP Facebook fan page it appears that most of us are middle aged men, and I can assume many have families and therefore more than one vehicle. So you probably have the same problem in your life. I now have the opportunity to figure out how to store or divide up my gear not only in the "soccer mom" minivan, but also in the "coolest dad on the planet"'s awesome used car!

My daughter got the first test drive with me

First - I think I'll give it some stickers this weekend if the weather gets warm like it has been forecasted. This not only gives me some street cred while on the water, but allows me to find my car in the lot when I forget what it looks like. Hey, we are all old men according to the medicine commercials that show fly fishing, and it's not easy to remember what our wheels look like.

Second - I do have 2 5 weight rods. So for starters 1 rod will go into each vehicle. The downside of that, is I have to decide which vehicle gets my favorite rod, the one I built, and which one gets my Orvis. Fortunately, I should have parts for a new rod coming in January so I will have 3 rods to chose from.

Third - I will have to start tying twice as many flies to fill twice as many boxes.

Fourth - Get a second mortgage on the house to buy a second pair of waders, boots, fly boxes, etc, and a dvd player to watch fishing videos on lunch while in the car to warm back up!

So, do I get another tweed coat or just move the one I have back and forth between the van and car? I'll have to consider my tweed options.

Maybe this concept of dividing up the gear seems a little out there to you, but for me it sounds like the best deal. See, I can always go and swap gear around for an official fishing trip, but with the summer time being so crazy shuttling the kids back and forth places, I often pull over and take as little as 15 minutes to fish a spot, and you can't do that if you are in the soccer mom van and your gear is not.  

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