Saturday, December 4, 2010

Film Flies - Graham Owen

I just found a podcast that the Itinerant Angler did with Graham Owen. A few years ago Graham was in town for Guys, Flies & Pies and some of us had a chance to tie with him. That night he quietly talked to a friend of mine about his new business Film Flies. I think it's safe now to say that cat is out of the bag and many people know what he's doing.  If you don't, Graham started a business providing realistic flies to movies, tv shows and other entertainment outlets.

Give a listen to the podcast on The Itinerant Angler and hear how he does it. My favorite quote of the interview was when Graham says "I don't like working for $50 an hour....I want to make $300."  Gotta laugh at that, since any of us who tie just to feed our own habits would LOVE to tie for a simple $50 an hour!

At my request a few years ago, he brought along some of his realistic flies to show us at GFP. It was great to see the work he did. I was amazed at the turtle he had, but I think since that turtle he's done some more amazing work. He even has flies that have been mistaken for real bugs.

OK, he's got a lot of sites to check out:

The Itinerant Angler - For the podcast
Film Flies - For the realistic flies
Graham Owen Gallery - For more of his work. He's quite a photographer too!

It's been nice to see his success since that day he told us about what he was about to do. His work just keeps getting better and better!  OK, now go waste a few hours on his sites and be amazed!

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