Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Ever heard of the monoMASTER? Since the beginning, we've been giving some away at the Guys, Flies & Pies event. Grasshopper Outdoors has designed this great tool to help manage waste mono. You know, the stuff that ends up in your pockets, waders, or tangled around your boots?  Now there's a way to easily pack it out when you leave the stream!

How it works: Simply take the mono you don't care about any more and place it in the slot, then twist the post and it winds up INSIDE the container. Once you are back home, you open the container and run a pair of scissors up the groove and the mono comes off and into your garbage can. Simple as that.

Grasshopper Outdoors offers a few more products too. They have hats, zingers, and furled leaders.

Thanks again to Grasshopper Outdoors for supporting our event!!!  Now, if they'd just make a 3 foot long deskMASTER that will clean off my tying desk!

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