Tuesday, December 28, 2010

FFAA Fly Tying Symposium

Great news just came in the email! JP from JP Ross Fly Rods writes "We have some new special news for you. After a long debate with the Board of Directors of the FFAA, we all decided that we WILL have the 2011 fly tying symposium."

This is great to hear! Last year I attended the syposium in Utica NY and had a great time! Last year they had booths set up, guest tiers (I hope to be one in 2011), and a setup for kids to learn how to tie. My sons went with my wife and I last year and they had a blast tying flies! I have not heard details on this years event, but if it is planned to be like last year it will be a great time.

Need more to push you towards Utica this March 19th? JP also writes "There is no fee to tie or even attend this year. We have decided to generate all our revenue from Raffles."

Details that I have so far:

Date: March 19th 2011
Time: 9am
Location: The Hotel Utica in Utica NY
Admission: FREE

Here are a few photos I took at the event last year....I'll have to search more for the few photos I have of the main ballroom.
Bob Mead

Casting for Recovery

Kids table

Focused tying

Kids at work

Project Healing Waters Truck


Pat Cohen (smalliestalker) said...

that looks like a good time for sure...Are you going to the Fly Fishing Show in Somerset...January...?

GFP said...

Not likely going to go to Somerset. ok, that's not completely honest, the truth is I doubt there is any chance of me going this year. Some day I hope to get there for one of the shows. For now, it's all about the Guys, Flies & Pies show on February 19th and any other ones I can swing in New York!