Thursday, December 2, 2010

Perfect Cast

So, I got an email from Ross Reels and they want to sell me the following product:

The Perfect Cast fly rod casting aid is a comfortable strap that easily attaches to your wrist and secures your fly rod. It eliminates the "loose wrist" problems that plague most fly casters. The casting aid will train you to hold you rod properly and will immediately improve your fly casting distance and accuracy. The Perfect Cast is great to use for both practice and while fishing.

The Perfect Cast fly rod casting aid - Fly casting made easy!

One size fits most.
Price $14.95

Contact your local Ross dealer to reserve yours today!

But, I gotta ask....does anyone actually use these things? Sure, I've had the thought to tuck the end of the rod into my shirt sleeve, but honestly I fish in t-shirts more than anything, so I rarely have the chance to try it. Plus, when I read that they wanted $14.95 I thought that's a bit pricey. So, if you want one of these things, check out there site....and if you want one for $10 (sure, still a rip off), let me know and I'll stitch one up for you tonight! 

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