Sunday, April 17, 2011

Abel Belt Buckles and Flashlights

You might remember my post about the Abel Nippers, or the update showing new colors, and how pricey they were. Well, I've given you enough time to build back up the balance in your checking here it is.

Abel now offers a belt ($100) and belt buckles ($150), or both for a steal at $225.

Keep your pants on!
Sure, you can find other belts out there for about this price, but they usually are meant to keep up more than just a pair of "corduroy trousers". For the price of others online they hold up stuff like handcuffs, guns, tazers, and pepper spray. Things that can come in handy when someone tries to take your fishing hole. 

But, to be fair....if these were only $25 I'd be all over buying one!

Now, let's say you have one of those fancy belts that holds up more than your corduroys...then maybe you have a spot for the $250 flashlight.
Light it up!

But, to be fair again, if these were $30 I'd be all over buying one! At $250 I'd hope they'd still work after I bust out a window as my car starts to sink into the lake....and still be bright enough to lead the way back to the main road.


Crystal said...

You should use your copic and make your own flashlights and belt buckles! just sayin'

GFP said...

That's a good idea. I could cut the cost in 1/2 of Abel, as long as people don't care how good it looks. I didn't do too well in art class.