Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Spring Hike

Without planning, and without much thought, every year we seem to take our first hike of the year at the same local park. It's a nice place because there is a playground for the kids to run around after the hike.

This area is of interest to me, because it was about 20 years ago when I first saw some fat brown trout and steelhead in there. Of course, this then reminds me of my good friend who 20 years ago caught 2 of them with a net and shot them with a BB gun. We were young, and he was immature. Thankfully, he learned his lesson....and after shooting ME with a BB gun, he's given up shooting things at random......but, back to the hike.

The hike is only .5 miles round trip, and just right for kids that are wanting to go back and play.

We stopped at the creek, where my wife spotted a fruit bowl, and sent my son down to check it out. It was in one piece, and she took it home....but left the orange he found. We have seen salmon in here in the past, but didn't see anything this time.

A dish, no fish
The kids had fun jumping the few trickles we had to cross, and looking for deer tracks.


The farthest point of the hike was an unused rail road track. The kids had fun balancing on the tracks and exploring.

Kids exploring
 We headed back to the playground and found evidence of gang activity.....a LOADED magazine. I did what any responsible citizen would do.....I left it on the picnic bench.

Lock and Load

We got muddy and had a great time. I bet somehow, next year, without planning, we'll end up hiking that same trail and looking for more fish in the creek.

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