Monday, April 11, 2011

A Bass Popper Painted With The Copic Airbrush

I had a chance over the weekend to take a few minutes and a few popper heads and tie some tails on them. My wife snapped these photos on her cell phone.

"Tying" the legs on
This fly is the first popper I've ever poked rubber legs through. I love the look of legs and it was nice to give it a try. I'll definitely be adding more legs to more poppers.

We were able to convince my parents to watch the kids and my wife and I got out and fished for about an hour. My first fish of the day was this monster!  I'm also sporting the The Fish Fighter Mini-Foam Fly Clip, which is a great place to let your flies dry before they go back in the box!

You're jealous!
I keep telling my kids "a few more weeks and this water will be on fire!"  ....and then those poppers I've been tying will be put to the test!

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