Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The 44 Mag Fly Reel

Anyone who follows Guys, Flies & Pies on Facebook ("Like" it now if you haven't done so yet) already knows that The Jesse James Fly Reel Company has donated a 44 Mag fly reel to the event!

Check out this reel:

The spider web frame is probably my favorite part:

This is a large arbor 7/8 reel that holds 100 yards of 20lb backing and is very light weight. 

The reel came in the mail yesterday and I gotta say, this is a slick reel. Not only is it sweet looking, but it's well made. I've spun it around a little, checked it over, taken it apart, and I gotta admit, I want to take it out and give it a test run on a steelhead....but I will resist that urge. Why? Because this reel is going to be raffled off and one of the lucky guys who's attending the event in a few weeks is going to take this reel home! Every year my wife sees the cool stuff that comes in and threatens to "quit GFP" just so she can get in on the raffles. And every year I tell her she can't...this reel makes me want to tell her "you're fired!"

So, instead of giving this a run for it's money, on the iced up creeks, I figured I'd do something a little less destructive to protect your prize....I decided to declare today "Bring Your Jesse James Reel To Work Day."  It's hanging out with me all day, reminding me why I put in 8 hours day in day out at this job.

Check out the Jesse James Reel Company website.

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