Monday, January 3, 2011

Quick Thaw, Quick Fix

December 2010 gave Rochester NY it's snowiest December on record, coming in with over 47 inches of snow for the month. That, combined with other holiday obligations kept me off the water most of the month. Of course, I did get out to the creek on December 4th, but froze. So, when this past Saturday came and had 50 degree weather, I was able to get out for a few minutes. (Few minutes = 35 minutes) I wasn't out long.

Found an opening in the ice

2nd blue gill of the day

That hole is only about 30 feet out from shore

Wish the photo did the orange belly justice

One of the dozen or so I caught
In the end I spent only about 30-40 minutes on the water before dinner, but fortunately I caught a few fish. It was nice to see them all schooled up right where I could catch if they had been waiting there for months for me to come back!

Now, more snow in the forcast and more season specific temperatures mean the hole in the ice will likely start to fade away again.

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