Thursday, January 20, 2011

The F3T

The F3T = The Fly Fishing Film Tour

Got an update in my email about the F3T, and after checking out their website I found there are 2 NY venues. A few years ago there was one much closer to Rochester, but I unfortunately didn't get out to see it. Now that the venues are hours away, I'm kicking myself for not going a few years ago. I hope it comes back to Rochester....which seems like a better place anyway since we can pull from Buffalo and Syracuse...but until someone decides to put on the show, we'll have to drive.

Here are your NY based options:

Mar-25 / NY  Lake Placid
Apr-16 / NY  Hancock

If you live close to either of those places, it's probably worth taking a look into going. I've never been, but I can only imagine that hanging out with fly fishermen and watching a fishing film sure beats watching ANYTHING else!

Check out the F3T website for more details!

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