Saturday, January 8, 2011

Working in the Fly Shop

Maybe for you it was late at night pulling an all nighter doing homework, or an all nighter working for the man trying to get some project done for the customer, or during a spell of unemployment....."I should work in the fly shop!"  I've had that idea. I've thought that through. I've pushed the idea away.

Michael Gracie has done a short series called Adventures in Fly-Fishing Retail. He either is trying to bring some of the reality to all of us dreamers, or he's making stuff up in hopes to keep his gig! Either way, it's an interesting insight into what we all have thought about.

Adventures in Fly-Fishing Retail – the new series begins December 4th
Adventures in Fly-Fishing Retail – Episode 1: Back To The Roots
Adventures in Fly-Fishing Retail – Episode 2: Holiday Sparkle
Adventures in Fly-Fishing Retail – The Two Part Season Finale

Drop and give me shine!

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