Friday, January 14, 2011

Lucas Carroll Photography

I met Lucas last year at Guys, Flies & Pies and had the opportunity to flip through his photo album he brought. He takes great photos and often pairs up naturals with fakes for a great comparison. It was these photos that helped me believe him when he said "tie them smaller."

Lucas is an experienced fly tier, fly fisherman, and published photographer.  He's had his photos published in print and online.

Fortunately for you, he'll be at GFP again next month and is planning on bringing his book again. It was a great way to spend a few minutes last year and many people enjoyed seeing his work in print. Until then, check out his work online.

Here is the run down of the sites he has:

Lucas Carroll Photography
Proven Patterns

Lucas took the photo of the brown trout skin that is the background image on this website.

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bfly said...

Go Luke!!! I'll see you there!