Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bears and Birds

When pushed to answer, I'll only say that bears and great blue herons fish better than I do. Sure, I know this isn't true, but it's what I say. There is something about watching a great blue stalk his prey and then with lightning speed take it out. I've only seen the take a few times, but always watch them stalking as I drive by some of the local ponds. I think I enjoy watching these birds fish because I'm jealous of their patience. They will slowly move in and wait. I have a hard time "reading the water" for more than 20 seconds before my desire to cast takes over and I'm beating the water with my line.

Growing up in NY I never really saw many bears. Sure, I've seen them on trips to the Adirondacks or to Yellowstone, but they are not as common in the suburbs of NY. However, I've always loved watching bears fish for salmon...even when that "watching" is only on the internet. So, what's the allure of watching bears? Sure, they might move in slow like the heron, and then pounce once the moment is right...but there's got to be something more. Minutes ago I realized what it was when I saw the picture on Neil Creek Chronicles. I don't visit the site as much as I should, so it may not be new to some of you, but it was new for me today.

I think this image catches the real reason why I like watching bears fish, and why I give them credit for fishing better than I do. See, once you've caught a fish, I doubt the heron is going to care...but with a bear, once you catch a fish the bear STILL can catch that fish (and catch you). It's not over once you have the fish in your hands, should the bear still want that fish, the bear will come and take it! I love how this image captures that reality. The fisherman knows he caught a great fish, but with respect to the bears, he turns and watches them even for his "hero shot."

Check out Neil Creek Chronicles here!

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